Atmosphere: 4.5
Service: 4.0
Nigiri: 1.5
Rolls: 4.5

I'm starting to run out of good options for sushi in Las Vegas that I haven't tried yet. I'd been to Kobe sushi before, but this was when didn't exist, and the sushi there was just ok. Tonight I dine alone, entering into play time with many preconceived notions of what to expect, and I'm a bit nervous to waste this time on mediocre sushi.

Kobe sushi is one of the nicest decorated spots I've been to in Vegas. It's clearly not going for the old school Japanese flair, but rather a modern look. Once I entered, the first thing I noticed was how big Kobe sushi was; the lights are dimmed very low, the benches at the tables are a deep red, the walls are either dark brown or black, low hanging modern bubble lights, and a fairly large sushi bar. I make my way to my post at the sushi bar, ready, like a veteran officer, to stand battle. I look at my opponent and his weapons, the fish, and realize I have seen this man in battle before. The chef at Kobe sushi used to be the chef at Sage Sushi in North Las Vegas. Any anxiety of this not being a good play time where suddenly heightened as I remember how small the cuts were at Sage sushi.

The chef and I banter for a bit and I reach for my sword, the menu. There are a couple things you need to know about Kobe sushi. There are 3 ways you can: 1. a la carte, 2. 50% of sushi and 3. all you can eat for $21-$25. The first way, you can order whatever you want and just pay, simple enough. The second and third way you have to select from ONLY the highlighted rolls of the menu.

I start getting annoyed because it seems like most of the rolls that sound the best, and ones I want to try, are not highlighted; however, I press on. Normally I start with my Nigiri order, but the rolls at Kobe sushi that I ate were so damn good! I ordered the Who's your Daddy?, Me so horny, and Grand Canyon roll. Before I delve into what was in each roll, let me stop here and say: Never have I experienced Play Time where I do not dip my rolls in soy sauce. Kobe sushi's rolls were filled with so much goodness that it never crossed my mind. The Who's your Daddy roll had chopped combination of fish, cream cheese, shrimp, deep fried and topped w spicy eel sauce.

When I saw this roll I couldn't believe my eyes, it was filled with such goodness that I could barely tell what was in it, and it was HUGE. The spicy eel sauce was so good, it kinda tasted like bbq sauce, that my mouth is starting to water while writing this. The second roll to make it's way over was the Me so horny roll, again another sauce filled fantasy.

It had shrimp tempura, crab, cucumber, topped w spicy salmon n avocado, w spicy mayo ponzu sauce. My thoughts quickly floated to Master White Tiger and how much he would enjoy the sauce bonanza that laid infront of me. This roll was just spicy enough that if you don't like hot things but enjoy a little kick, this is the roll for you. I don't know what it was, but after digging into those two massive sauce filled rolls I started feeling myself slow down. This is not normal, so I carried on with the Grand Canyon Roll insight. No roll could be more daunting than the Grand Canyon roll when you're nearing your sushi limit.

The base of it is a california roll, but what is plopped on top can only be decribed as messy mushroom madness. Recently I've found several rolls with mushrooms in it, I like mushrooms, and on a roll it's delicious. The messy mushroom madness consisted of grilled scallop, shrimp and mushroom. That sushi roll is what sent me spiraling down the dark cavern of a sushi drunk. A sushi drunk, as first experienced at I LOVE SUSHI, is when you eat so much sushi that while walking out to find your car you find yourself unable to walk a straight line.

I ordered Nigiri, but once it came out I didn't even want to touch it from being so full. I ordered Salmon, Hamachi, and Albacore and was disappointed in the sushi to rice ratio.

My dragon rating should tell you how I really felt without beating them up too much. I would definitely go back for the rolls and leave the nigiri alone.

The service was good even though they appeared abit understaffed for how many people there were there. The food came out promptly and everyone was very pleasant.

Kobe Sushi All Rolled Up
I admit that I didn't arrive at Kobe Sushi with high expectations, but after being proven wrong I couldn't have been happier. Despite my sushi drunk I made it home safely, and I will definitely be returning for some more roll play time.

Want to see more pictures of Play Time at Kobe Sushi Click Here
Iron Stomach
Awesome Service!
4.5 / 5 Dragons

by MASTER IRON STOMACH on September 26, 2009

I love going to this place. They have some amazing rolls, like the Johnny roll that is crab meat inside of a giant cucumber instead of the rice. YUM! One of the first times I went there, I brought my daughter, when she was done eating, they brought over a toy for her to play with while I finished eating. They are always real friendly, and the restaurant decor is really nice. I highly recommend this place.
Tonsta Strudel
Good Atmosphere, Friendly Service
4.5 / 5 Dragons

by MASTER TONSTA STRUDEL on September 28, 2009

Service is by far the best thing Kobe has to offer. Their fish is plentyful, fast and fresh, however their service is what puts them above the rest. The sushi chefs are friendly and will try to get to know you. The Owner is very accommodating and one of the store managers have given us free tea in a container to take home after we told them how much we enjoyed it. Great service!
Jamie Lee Chan
Great all you can eat, poor nigiri
0.5 / 5 Dragons

by MASTER JAMIE LEE CHAN on March 28, 2012

I agree the nigiri is disappoitning but very surprised how great the atmosphere is, especially the big booth in the bar area. I wish Las Vegas sushi bars would offer rolls such as Kobe Beef and not so many fried versions. Their rolls were delicious and the service was outstanding. Red Bean Mochi icecream wasn't as good as at other restaurants so not sure who their distributor is.

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